Hamburger Kunsthalle
A multifaceted guidance system

In spring 2016, the Hamburger Kunsthalle reopened its doors after 18 months of extensive modernization. To help visitors find their way around the more than 12,000 m² of exhibition space, we completely redeveloped the guidance system.

The information is divided into three sections: Exhibitions, Collection and Service. They are each shown on their own level. In order to respond to the regularly changing exhibitions, the individual levels can be filled with new content at any time.

The fact that the Hamburger Kunsthalle is, strictly speaking, made up of three different buildings from equally different eras presented a particular challenge for the guidance system. Nevertheless, we succeeded in building a bridge between optimal visibility of the information and respectful conservation of the impressive museum architecture.

To match the house font, an icon set was developed to help locate the service areas.

Since its reopening, the Galerie der Gegenwart can only be accessed underground via the old building. To provide additional orientation assistance at important points, floor plans and exploded views supplement the guidance system.