Bosch Software Innovations
A guidance system for Bosch's think tank

As the headquarters of Bosch Software Innovations, the IoT Campus in Berlin offers ample space for forward-looking software projects on 6,720 square meters. Already in the development phase, we were commissioned with the design of the guidance system. The result is a functional and informative pictogram system that picks up on the experimental and playful spirit of the IoT Campus.

Wegweisend und intermedial: Ein Leitsystem für Boschs Ideenlabor

The guidance system; depending on the specific area, the information varies from small and factual to large and playful, contributing not only providing orientation, but also creating a dynamic and inspiring work atmosphere.

The IoT Campus control system finds its digital, IoT-based extension in the Smart Campus app. For workflow optimization, users can book rooms, view the number of visitors in the canteen, or plan the ride home in the company's own shuttle. Our user interface design ensures that orientation in the app is as intuitive as in the building itself.