Hamburger Kunsthalle
Glimpses into the collection

With experimental exhibition formats, the Hamburger Kunsthalle has been taking alternative approaches to art education since its reopening in 2016. Due to our many years of experience in the development of interactive architecture and exhibition design, as well as our material expertise, we were able to successfully support the Kunsthalle in the planning and implementation of these concepts.

»Open Access«

With the exhibition »Open Access«, the Hamburger Kunsthalle wanted to involve visitors more in the curatorial process of selection. For »Open Access« we shaped the exhibition architecture. 

The materials used, box plywood and steel grids, support the exhibition's experimental character. White grid modules reference the mechanics of the Hamburger Kunsthalle's depot, where the works are stored hanging on large magazines. The box plywood and neon green typography, on the other hand, underscore the laboratory-like exhibition concept.

»The Transparent Museum«


In the »Transparent Museum«, visitors to the Kunsthalle can look into the cards and learn more about the core tasks of museum work. We were in charge of the overall exhibition design. 

The design picks up on the focal points of the exhibition's content and creates thematic spaces for the individual areas of responsibility. Transparencies and exploded views visualize aspects that are central to the museum staff but remain mostly hidden to visitors. The signal color yellow additionally sets accents within the exhibition and directs the viewer's attention to details.