A future oriented guidance system

In order to offer visitors the best possible orientation in the Futurium's wide-ranging curatorial offerings, we developed a comprehensive guidance system and supplemented the Futurium Font with a set of internationally understandable icons. The individual information elements stand out clearly against the background and optimize accessibility in the entire building. 

Navigating the Future: A Guidance System for the Futurium 

The guidance system not only blends harmoniously into the architecture of the Futurium - with integrative components it also literally emerges from the building structures.

While all permanent information, such as directions to fixed rooms and facilities, exists in the form of analog typographic elements, information on temporary events is conveyed by means of projections and monitors. Digital and analog components complement each other to form a flexible, functional system.

The analog elements of the guidance system were milled from a solid surface material. Due to its specific composition, the versatile building material can almost be seamlessly joined to its substrate without joints. In this way, it favors the integrative effect of the typography installed in the room - while seemingly merging with it. 

Reversibly attached to the walls of the Futurium, all guidance system elements can be easily detached and remounted. The matt, non-porous surface of the solid surface material not only has a high-quality appearance, but is also particularly hygienic, moisture-resistant and UV-resistant thanks to its high material density. 

Tomorrow starts today: Corporate design for the Futurium


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