Grimmwelt Kassel
Communication through design

The brothers Grimm did not only collect fairy tales - from 1838 they dedicated themselves to the largest and most comprehensive dictionary of the German language to date. This collection has found its home in the "Grimmwelt Kassel". We were responsible for the corporate design of the house - logo, guidance system and all communication media.

Language is constantly changing. Just like the intangible world of imagination.

The corporate design for Grimmwelt Kassel is characterized by a modern, minimalist and mysterious logotype that can be reused again and again with different content.

The new museum building by kadawittfeldarchitektur, with its open spatial structures, staggered levels and light-flooded rooms, demanded a guidance system that takes up the modern architecture and at the same time the enigmatic character of the Grimm fairy tale world, without neglecting its functionality as an orientation system. We succeeded in doing this by using frost foils, metal angles bent around corners and clearly understandable service icons.