Hamburger Kunsthalle
CXI Konferenz Lecture

Dr. Jan Metzler, Head of Communications and Marketing at the Hamburger Kunsthalle, and our founder, Prof. Achim Heine, presented the communications repositioning of one of Germany's largest art museums at the CXI conference in September 2017: from the new corporate design and website to numerous campaigns, as well as the new guidance system.

»The modernization is a real blessing for us.«

Daniel Koep
Assistant Director

During the extensive renovation of the Hamburger Kunsthalle, we supported the museum and developed an extensive 360-degree campaign including interim corporate design. The goal was to inspire visitors to attend the museum despite the ongoing construction site. With an eye-catching yellow disruptor and the motto "Staying open", the building aesthetic was elevated to a design concept and played a supporting role in communicating promotions, social media, exhibitions, guidance system.

The old corporate design of the Hamburger Kunsthalle was renewed during the reconstruction. A new logotype with a modular layout system and flexible color selection now put the museum in the right light as a cultural brand. With an anonymous campaign for the reopening, we communicated "Art is back" and staged masterpieces larger than life in the urban space. With great success: The Hamburger Kunsthalle became the talk of the town and recorded record visitor numbers. Thanks to the new corporate design, the museum is now perceived as both; a nationally and internationally important cultural brand.