Bosch Software Innovations
The Internet of Things

From smart homes to efficiency-enhancing systems for agriculture: Bosch Software Innovations develops concepts for a connected future. In 2016, the company entrusted us with the task of developing an independent brand that works within Bosch's existing corporate design. Since then, we have been providing Bosch Software Innovations with design and strategic support, including a flexible communication concept for the digital and analog sectors.

Everything in flux - dynamic design with a symbolic character

An essential basic component of our appearance for Bosch Software Innovations is the stream: a conceptual design element that remains flexible in its proportions, positioning and color values within certain parameters. 

The stream uses the same color palette found in the Bosch Group's corporate design, but creates its own distinctive visual language: with soft gradients and overlays, it symbolizes the integration of the virtual and the analog, as well as the smooth flow of information between machines and people that Bosch's IoT platform enables.

A selection of photographic key visuals is used in combination with the stream. The contrasting image components create a specific reference to the company's core competencies and complement each other not only in terms of content, but also compositionally.

Smart communication through infographics and icons

As a technology company, Bosch Software Innovations has to communicate content that is multi-layered and complex - and above all, mostly invisible. We gave our client its own infographic signature that allows the company to communicate in a particularly vivid and efficient way. 

Bosch Software Innovations operates globally and across industries. Therefore, it was important for the company to communicate not only clearly, but also as independently of different languages wherever possible. This requirement is met by our extensive pictogram system, which is mainly used in infographics.

Pioneering and Intermedial: A Guidance System for Bosch's Think Tank

As the headquarters of Bosch Software Innovations, the IoT Campus in Berlin offers ample space for future-oriented software projects on 6,720 square meters. Already in the development phase, we were commissioned with the design of the guidance system. The result is a functional information design with a pictogram system that picks up on the experimental, playful spirit of the IoT Campus.

→ Leitsystem

Staying Connected: Two venues, one brand

With the "Bosch ConnectedWorld" conference, Bosch Software Innovations has created one of the most important events for digital transformation and the Internet of Things. The event attracts developers, innovators, company founders and IoT enthusiasts from all over the world. Our visual identity establishes Bosch ConnectedWorld as its own brand without losing the connection to the umbrella brand.

»Bosch ConnectedWorld« comprises three event forms. In addition to the actual conference, there is an exhibition and a hackathon. The latter is called »Bosch ConnectedExperience« and stands out from the main event. We have also ensured in the design that this will be visually perceived as a separate event in the future.

Bosch ConnectedWorld Blog

HLZ was commissioned to conceptualize and design the »Bosch ConnectedWorld Blog« that presents news from the Ki and IoT sectors, focusing on the guiding themes of Bosch ConnectedWorld throughout the year.

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