Data-driven futures

Bosch Software Innovations becomes Bosch.IO. Since 2020, Bosch has been bundling its activities in the areas of digitization and the Internet of Things (IoT) in a new global subsidiary. Under the name Bosch.IO, software and hardware developers work together with UX designers on AI-supported IoT solutions in order to offer forward-thinking applications for customers, while supporting them through to implementation. Potential areas of application can be found in a wide variety of industries, including agriculture, mobility, and medicine.

Not just zero's and one's

To accompany and visually support the launch of the new name, HLZ not only developed the logo for Bosch.IO, but also an agile and attention-grabbing key visual. The abbreviation "IO" signals the anchoring of Bosch.IO in the digital world. "IO" stands for the characters 1 and 0 in a coding context, as well as input/output. These analogies were also the anchor for us in terms of content and design when developing the key visual.)

BCW 2020 – Bosch Connected World

The BCW is considered one of the meeting places for experts of connectivity products, together they present technological solutions here, and deal with ambitious tasks posed by the digital future.