T+A Elektroakustik
Perfection in sound

Since its founding in 1978, T+A Elektroakustik has been counted among the absolutely first-class hi-fi companies in the world. With our expertise in design, strategy and communication, we have been supporting the owner-managed company for many years.

For T+A we developed a responsive website that underlines the excellence of the products and the high demand for technical perfection, sound and music quality and offers easy access to the extensive product world.

We translated the characteristic look of the entire T+A range into a reduced icon language that allows for simplified navigation in print and digital.



We have developed an app for the company so that the T+A home network can also be conveniently operated via smartphone. It also enables music playback through streaming services.

Here, too, a specially developed icon language facilitates orientation within the app.

R-System Brochure


To introduce the newly developed R series, we have designed a brochure that introduces the series step by step and becomes more detailed as the information becomes more in-depth. Starting with concept and design, technical details are then explained before data sheets leave no questions unanswered, even for the most audiophile customers.