Leica Camera
Branding auf den Punkt gebracht

In 1999, Achim Heine's design of the analog compact camera Leica C1 marked the beginning of many years of collaboration with this important traditional German brand.

In addition to many other cameras and binoculars that Achim Heine designed for Leica in the following years, HLZ was responsible for the complete relaunch of the Leica brand starting in 2000. From design and web presence to the claim, various international campaigns, brochures and films, the Leica brand was repositioned.

Analytical and emotional

The myth surrounding the Leica brand, which we re-embedded in the brand strategy at that time, coupled with the iconic, timeless corporate design, helps Leica to achieve an absolutely unmistakable brand profile internationally to this day.

»my point of view« – our claim for Leica sums up the photographer's connection to his Leica. After all, it is the camera that enables the photographic view of the subject and captures the fleeting moment that the photographer perceives through it. »my point of view« is also a commitment to the Leica brand and its innovations.

To see with one's hands


In keeping with the claim, we developed a testimonial campaign that focuses on famous Leica users - their hands, to be precise. These become the authentic, unvarnished bearers of the photographer's identity, and the camera becomes the emotional interface. The artists included Nan Goldin, Eric Clapton, Bryan Adams, Ralph Gibson, Anton Corbijn and many more.

The Lens Book provides an overview of all Leica lenses and their technical specifications. This overview is accompanied by a series of photographs taken at the Leica factory by Ralph Gibson.

Bryan Adams Travel Journal

HLZ designed the companion booklet for the Leica D-Lux digital camera created by Achim Heine. In addition to texts and product photos, the catalog contains the visual diary of musician Bryan Adams photographed with the D-Lux.

Modular Packaging

Instead of producing individual packaging for each product, we developed a slim, modular system for Leica consisting of silver boxes in standardized sizes. These were fitted with labels to form individual packaging for the various products. 

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