Deutsches Museum
Off to new worlds

Since 1925, the Deutsches Museum in Munich has been home to masterpieces of natural science and technology. After 90 years of operation, it was time to fundamentally renovate the buildings and exhibitions. And that is exactly what will happen by 2025.

In the invitation to submit bids for providing a modernizing concept, we beat out the competition and have been supporting the museum since 2015 with powerful branding measures, digital campaigns, and appealing on-site architecture.

During the modernization of the Deutsches Museum, part of the service areas had to be relocated. With a pop-up cashier container including an open-air waiting area, we not only developed a pragmatic solution, but at the same time made a striking visual statement on the museum forecourt.

Campaign »AUF/ZU«

The Deutsches Museum is reinventing itself - becoming even more fascinating, even more modern, even more comprehensible. This is precisely what the claim "AUF/ZU" is intended to illustrate. Combined with highlights from the more than 30 open exhibitions, the campaign encourages residents and visitors of Munich to (re)discover the largest technology museum in the world for themselves. 

A microsite designed by us provides current insights into the modernization work and the changes at the Deutsches Museum.

»Experience Knowledge« campaign

Under the slogan "Experience Knowledge," we expanded the 2018 campaign and developed, among other things, an image film in collaboration with Naumann Film that makes the highlights of a museum visit emotionally tangible. An associated interactive social media campaign additionally generated increased interest among the museum's subscribers.

→ Imagefilm

The fact that numerous exhibition areas are undergoing modernization is hardly noticeable when visiting the museum. Not only because more than 25,000 square meters of exhibition space remain open, but also because partition walls with knowledge trails designed by us artfully guide visitors past the closed areas.