Egon Zehnder International
Consistent design for 55 countries

How do a new logo and a special new color come to life? Through interconnected work with know-how and a great deal of intuition - in terms of design, production technology, logistics and culture. This is how we implemented the new appearance of the personnel consultant Egon Zehnder in a globally compatible way and launched it in 55 countries at the same time.

How do you ensure a uniform appearance in terms of design and production technology across continents and make it available for all applications and all locations at the same time?

Simply specifying a Pantone tone for the house color and choosing the paper is not enough. Great material expertise and design decisions are required.

Who supplies which paper worldwide? How does the rest of the world measure a paper weight? Which fonts produce CD-appropriate results in the various national languages? And what about China, where only the names of the dead may be written in red?

In January 2013, the global rollout of the business equipment and signage in all Zehnder offices was completed on time.

We have developed detailed CD guidelines for all areas, which have been successfully implemented in all applications - from printed and digital communications to event branding.